Distributor FAQ


Question:  What is the Tick Performance Distributor Program?

Answer:  The Tick Performance Distributor Program is our way of helping medium to large sized retailers in the automotive performance industry consolidate their purchasing, simplify their books and enjoy deeply discounted parts from hundreds of different brands without having to buy-in with all of them.

Question:  What does it take to become a Distributor for Tick Performance, Inc.?

Answer:  Before you can become a Distributor, you must first be a Dealer, which requires two things:

  1. Be a legitimate business in the automotive performance industry, and be able to prove such by providing us with a copy of your current business license.
  2. Fill out a copy of the North Carolina E595E Tax Exemption form, found here, even if your business is located in another state. If you don't have a tax exemption number, please obtain one before applying to be a Dealer with us.

Once your paperwork is ready, please send it to us via email at the following address: support@tickperformance.com - you'll hear back from a member of our friendly staff quickly and we'll set up your account for you.

After your Dealer account surpasses $10K in sales with us, you become eligible for a Distributor account, which requires two more things:

  1. Have an actual storefront that you can confirm with pictures of your signage, the outside of your facility and the inside of your facility.
  2. Maintain $10K in annual sales with us yearly to avoid having your account dropped back to Dealer status.

If you'd like to skip being a Dealer and start out as a Distributor, we will accept a $10K buy-in order at Distributor pricing.  Alternatively, we will accept an initial payment of $10K from your company that will serve as your account balance, and each order that you place will subtract from that balance until it is depleted.

Q:  What brands can I expect to purchase from you at a discounted rate?

A:  Plenty!  At our initial launch we're expecting to offer 11 different brands at discounted rates; after one month, we expect to offer more than 100 different brands at discounted rates.  We're CONSTANTLY expanding our offerings, so check out our Brands page often to see our latest additions.  Don't see a brand you'd be interested in buying?  Please call or email us and we'll make plans!

Q:  What is the difference between a Dealer and a Distributor for Tick Performance, Inc.?

A:  Volume and discount level.  Our Dealer program is focused on helping small businesses purchase many different brands at discounted rates to increase their profits.  Once you eclipse $10,000 in sales with us, your account will be eligible for an upgrade to Distributor, where you'll enjoy even deeper discounts.

Q:  Can I obtain a credit account with Tick Performance, Inc.?

A:  No. Although it is common in this industry that a manufacturer extends credit to retailers, we require payment in full before any order ships.  This allows us to keep our operating costs to a minimum, which means lower pricing for you!  We do accept all major credit cards, certified checks, money orders and PayPal, who offers credit on purchases made here at TickWholesale.com.

Q:  I have a question that I don't see answered here.  How can I ask?

A:  Our friendly staff is excited about this sponsorship program and eager to answer any questions that you may have.  Please give us a call at (336)719-0599 or shoot us an email at support@tickperformance.com and we'll happily help!