MAP Policy



Here at Tick Performance, Inc., we enforce a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Policy to level the playing field for all of our Dealers & Distributors, and to make it possible for large, stocking Distributors to maintain worthwhile profit margins on Tick Performance branded items.  Our MAP Policy is simple:

Your advertised pricing on every Tick Performance branded item (including clutch hydraulics, camshafts, battery relocation kits and more) must match our advertised pricing on and at all times.

  • We do allow you to offer Free Shipping on any product that we manufacture at your discretion.
  • Please contact us for permission before launching a sale or group purchase on any items that we manufacture.
  • We reserve the right to make judgement calls on an instance-by-instance basis.  If you're not sure that what you're doing (or planning to do) will violate this policy, please ask us.

This policy seems stringent, but is the best way to do business for all of us.  This policy applies on to products manufactured or branded by Tick Performance, Inc.  Other company MAP policies may vary, and will be enforced by those companies directly (even if you're purchasing their items through us.)

We have a Three Strike Policy in place when it comes to MAP Policy violations:

  1. The first time our MAP Policy is violated, we'll contact you to discuss the policy and ask you to update your pricing immediately.
  2. The second time our MAP Policy is violated (or 4 business days after first contact if your original violation hasn't been corrected), we'll hold all stocking and/or drop-ship orders placed with us by your company until the violations have been corrected.
  3. The third time our MAP Policy is violated (or 7 business days after first contact if your original violation hasn't been corrected), your account with will be closed.  This may be a temporary closure or a permanent one depending on the situation.

We appreciate every company that retails Tick Performance branded products and we want to see every company that does business with us succeed - but, that success must come on our terms when it comes to our MAP Policy.  As always, if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us.