Tick Performance Custom Camshaft Package for All LSx Engines

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You Can Now Purchase ANY Tick Performance Custom Camshaft in a COMPLETE Package!

Since our start here at Tick Performance, our industry-renowned camshaft experts have impressed MANY with both the Tick Performance Elite Series of Camshafts and many custom camshafts for applications that have delivered eye-popping results for everything from daily driven street cars all the way up to 2,000+ horsepower turbo racecars.  If you're wanting an aftermarket camshaft but aren't quite sure what direction to go in, contact us here at Tick Performance for an honest, solid opinion.  You'll be happy with your results - you can bet the house on it!

This Tick Performance Custom Camshaft Package for all LSx Engines includes the following:

  • A Tick Performance Custom Camshaft designed for Any LS-Series Engine
  • Tick Performance or Brian Tooley Racing .660" Dual Valvespring Kit - Your Choice
  • Tick Performance Hardened Pushrod Set - Your Choice of Length

This package includes everything you NEED to upgrade during a Camshaft Upgrade, but there are a few things that we HIGHLY suggest upgrading at the same time, including the Timing Chain, Oil Pump and of course replacing the gaskets.  Ask what we suggest when discussing your application with us!

NOTE: Due to the application-specific nature of Custom Camshafts, we do not accept returns on them. Once an order has been placed, our manufacturers begin the grind immediately and as a result, your order cannot be canceled.